Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Crunch

We're leaving Alabama tomorrow to fly to California.

The last two weeks have been a non-stop blur of packing things for storage and deciding what to bring with us. In an hour, Mike and I are going to meet my mom for dinner and to deliver my red-eared slider to his new home in Mom's kindergarten classroom. And since none of us will probably sleep tonight, Dad's coming over to join in an all-night movie fest.

Tomorrow I'll leave Brawley, my cat, at Dad's house and we'll drive down to Birmingham.

I'm looking forward to the first leg of our trip in California. I've always wanted to visit, and I'm really excited to meet Mike's parents.

So, ten days and then we'll be in Fairbanks. Woot!

If you see two bicycle-riding geeks looking super happy to be out of the hot Alabama sun - that's probably us.


Wayfarer Scientista said...

How's the cabin hunting going? So far I've only had bites for places that you need a car for. But I'll keep trying and let you know!!

Jenni Moody said...

Hi Wayfarer!

We've gotten some good advice on where to find notices for cabins once we get to Fairbanks (student center and local coffee shops in addition to the News-Miner). We've also gotten contact information for a person who owns some cabins near UAF. So, lots of good information so far, but nothing definite.

Thank you for your help!!