Friday, June 15, 2007

This Way: Alaska and the Yukon

This Way Alaska

This Way: Alaska and the Yukon

by JPM Publications
ISBN: 2884520511
Price: not listed
Pages: 64

This book is hand-sized and, as modeled by Brawley, slightly larger than a cat's head. Another library book. This one seemed mildly promising when I flipped through it in the stacks. But when I brought it home and tried to read through it, my interest evaporated. Filled with bland tourist brochure language and a few nice photographs, this is a book that is definitely not worth the paper it is printed on.

The most interesting quote:

When one of the many Texans working on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline got a little too uppity, a local would tell him: "If you're not careful, we'll divide Alaska into two halves and then Texas will be the third largest state in the Union."

And this was on the first page. I skimmed the rest, and couldn't bring myself to read much more. The big problem of this tiny book is that it tries to divulge history and tourist bait in as few words as possible. The result is a scary world that I'd like to stay far away from.

Overall: Craptastic. Not even worth opening.

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